Artist Statement and Contact information

Artist Statement

Donna Hasegawa M.F.A. 

My work is about abstract compositions, both simple and complex that express ideas of nature, music, and spiritual truth, through color and form.

I begin a painting by making marks on the canvas, through writing ideas and inspirations, followed by transparent washes that transform into a patina of color. I step back and respond to these initial marks by adding and subtracting colors to create shapes. Some areas are left transparent allowing a juxtaposition of transparency and thick paint, suggesting ideas of matter and spirit.

My color pallet varies. I usually tend to work in a series of similar color pallets.

I chose to use oil paint and mixed media in my work. I like the smell of oil paint and find it lends a fluid, expressive quality to brush work. I find mixed media—use of paper and paint—can be just as fluid in the process.

I continue to find inspiration from mystical ideas. I find the inner states of consciousness achieved through stillness can be expressed as inner landscapes of spirit.

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